How they do it– ‘Purim Is No Laughing Matter In The Post-Truth Era’

The Ugly Truth


ed note–Purim–just like it’s near-twin, Passover–is a celebration of Judaic revenge against Gentiles. It’s primary purpose and the reason for its creation by the Rabbis was/is to create in the mind of the Judaic collective the notion that the god of the Jews–Yahweh–looks favorably upon Jews engaging in their ‘eye for an eye’ mentality against those who get sideways with them in whatever fashion. If Christians, Muslims, or anyone else had as part of their yearly religious calendar various ‘feasts’ where they engaged in similar business against Jews who had somehow done them wrong at sometime in the past, it would be used as prime efface evidence that said religion was an ideology of hate that was in need of a complete spiritual blood transfusion.

Having said this, observe the manner by which our esteemed Rebbe plays fast and fancy with the facts. In the first case, he notes that…

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