Up to 30 Democrats should resign for meeting with Russians in 2015


Black Religious Leaders Support Sessions for Attorney General russians democrats

A number of Democrats, including Nancy Pelosi and Elizabeth Warren, are now demanding that Attorney General Jeff Sessions resign because he met with a Russian ambassador twice in the last year.  It doesn’t matter that he told the truth when he was asked if he had knowledge that anyone connected to the Trump campaign met with the Russians, and it doesn’t matter that his meetings were in line with his work as a Senator.  He met with the Russians, and that’s all that matters.

But it turns out that up to 30 Democrats met with Russian diplomats in 2015 regarding Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran.


According to Foreign Policy (Emphasis added):

The White House says it’s confident it has the votes to override Republicans who reject the historic accord to limit Iran’s nuclear program agreed to by world powers and Tehran. But some of America’s closest allies are less certain…

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