Psychology of Self-Hatred

News For The Blind

It is becoming increasingly more difficult to cope with reality. Every single day feels like a nightmare out of which you can’t wake up. More deaths, more rapes, more robbery, more violence, more destruction. And at the very same moment, the indoctrinated people make up more excuses, deny the ever so growing evidence which backs up our Truth; they become more dumb with every single passing hour. It is remarkable what the Jews are capable of doing. It is remarkable how little they care, how little they are afraid of any kind of retribution. Here they are, living among us, and yet they do not seem to be afraid of us. They keep on pushing. They have nothing to lose at this point in time. It is either victory or defeat for them.

Ironically, that is a source of their strength. They are all-in. No regrets. No doubts. No…

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