Donald Trump was a conspiracy-theory candidate. Now he’s a conspiracy-theory president.

The Ugly Truth

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ed note–‘conspiracy theory’ and ‘conspiracy theorist’ are pejorative terms wielded against those who have suddenly gained an unhealthy interest in the criminal activities of a certain group organized around certain religious/geo-political interests, and therefore no one should under-estimate the panic that exists within the hallowed halls of Judea, Inc at Trump’s willingness to–in the immortal words of Cpt. James T. Kirk from Star Trek fame– ‘boldly go where no man has gone before’ in terms of topics he is willing to publicly discuss with John Q. Citizen. This–perhaps more than any other item–is what is making the goombahs running the Judaic racket more nervous than anything else, as the security and sanctity of their crime syndicate rests entirely upon their ability to operate in an air of obscurity and darkness.

Put another way, as was famously discussed in an important essay that appeared shortly after Trump’s ‘thousands of Muslims celebrating on the morning…

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