Report: Jared Kushner attended Michael Flynn’s controversial meeting with Russian envoy

The Ugly Truth

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ed note–and there we have it, ladies and Gentile-men, how Jared Kushner’s ‘being Jewish’ means absolutely nothing to those organized Jewish interests firmly fixed in their opposition to Trump and their drive to eradicate his presidency. These same interests, who from the beginning cast aside Trump’s constant pandering to Judea, Inc with his constant ‘look at my beautiful Jewish daughter, her Jewish husband and my beautiful Jewish grandchildren’ –better than anyone else recognize ‘schtick’ when they see it and are not buying it. They know where Trump plans to take the American ship of state and are obviously not going to sit by and allow this reversal of misfortune to take place and now they are dragging his ‘Jewish’ son in law into it as they recognize that he features prominently in what Trump plans to do vis a vis Israel and the stopping of all new settlements.

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