Trump’s state visit to UK postponed: report


pennine: I am thoroughly ashamed of the critics of President Trump in the UK.

                                 As for the Labour MP who accuses President Trump of acting “like a petulant child” That’s rich considering  all the childishness & sulkiness we have had to endure from the Anti-Trump nursery school. Four months of whining, nastiness,temper- tantrums,arson & violence. Much of it sponsored by that arch muck-maker & Globalist Great-Granddaddy  moneybags George Soros.
Even Shows like the recent Oscars celeb fest   appeared  to be staged  by a  bunch of Anti-Trump petulant idiots, behaving like they were incapable even of organising  a piss-up in a brewery. Pity that they didn’t put as much of their energies into presenting a decent show every bit as much as they did in  vomiting  pure venom & tripe  over  the good President.
Anti-Trump petulance  on top of our own EU Remoaners  has become  chronic torture. Happen it’s time…

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