How They Do It–Trump’s Dangerous ‘False Flag’ Allegation–The Apex of anti-Semitic Conspiracy-mongering

The Ugly Truth


How under the Trump Administration the ‘blame the Jews for their own victimization’ conspiracist fringe is now going mainstream conservative.

ed note–yet another example as to ‘how they do it’.

Jews–who are what & who they are by virtue of their Judaism, are not–as they are fond of reminding the rest of the world on a daily basis–like ‘others’. They march to the beat of a different drum, have a different operating system on their hard drive and in general take pride in the fact that out of the billions of people made in God’s image over the course of human history, that they are–in the infamous, timeless words laid out in their Torah, known to Christians as the ‘Old Testament’, a people ‘holy to the Lord your God, chosen out of all the peoples on the face of the earth to be his people, his treasured possession…’

Having sad…

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