The Freemason Bible: The King James Master Reference of the Masonic Bible

Lisa's leaks - 'Madness in the Magnolias'

Freemason-Bible-coverThis is the Masonic Mason Bible, a book originally compiled by Jewish masters for the management of goyim Masons. This copy can be purchased from  Ebay for $16-$50.  Among other things, it promotes John the “Baptist” as a Patron “Saint” of Freemasonry and red-letters the confusing stories or “parables” of the heretical Jesus, son of the exoteric god of Freemasonry, a talking burning bush fire. This is the version used in many Masonic Initiation Rites.

If the Luciferian Brotherhood of Freemasonry is so infatuated with the scriptures which were originally penned by Satanic Jews, perhaps it might be worth considering that the Bible is not what people think it is. Before its complete corruption, the Catholic Church held to this belief and ordered the Bible to be kept from Priests because it might be interpreted incorrectly (more info: Dogma & the Bible). But today, in…

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