Survivors v Poor Sisters of Nazareth 6 Jun 2007 Court of Session

cathy fox blog on child abuse

The several appeals posted today are all relevant to the Christian Church. See a list of all of them here at the end of the day – Index of Court Appeals on this blog[2]

Physical and emotional abuse 1961 -1979 suffered by children at Childrens Home run by Poor Sisters of Nazareth, Cardonald.


Although not a lawyer and not familiar with Scottish law this looks as if this discussion in court is to decide whether an action against Poor Sisters, Nazareth House, Cardonald is time barred and whether that should be overturned.

The reclaiming motions were refused, by which it appears the case was not allowed to go ahead against Poor Sisters of Nazareth.

The Court was forced to take a legal decision when the Poor Sisters and their Religious Superior Sister Bernard Mary Murray could have chosen a higher moral law, but chose not to.


Some court…

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