PODESTA Hired As A Washington Post Reporter?? (Amazon’s Jeff Bezos Hires Pervert to Please CIA?) [VIDEO]


Published on Feb 24, 2017

The Washington Post hires world-class pervert JOHN PODESTA as a newspaper reporter! Podesta is a huge deviant — caught in the Pizzagate scandal, so why is Podesta writing for The Washington Post?

Meanwhile, Washington Post launches their new kooky advertising slogan — and gets busted buying fake web traffic to make the WashPost site seem “active.” 59% of Washington Post traffic is FAKE — coming from web bots in China where almost nobody speaks English!

What is Jeff Bezos (Washington Post’s owner) doing? Why does Bezos have a $600 Million contract with CIA (via his company Amazon), and why did Bezos just hire a known pervert (Podesta) to write for his newspaper?

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