Christians are Genocide Victims and Should Get Priority in Refugee Order

The Ugly Truth


ED Noor: Never forget that Israel supports ISIS who, in turn, carries on the millennial-long battle against their most ancient enemy, Christians, followers of Jesus Christ, the most detested creature to all of Judaism. Cui bono. No matter how you look at it, Christians are top priority for eradication. More must be done to draw attention to this matter, largely ignored by the Western media.

By Rev. Johnnie Moore

This weekend, ISIS released a video calling for the full elimination of Christianity in Egypt. The star of the video was the alleged perpetrator of December’s terrorist bombing within the complex of Egypt’s most important Coptic church, for Christian persecution in Egypt continues to escalate. In the province of Minya alone there have been more than 75 attacks in the past five years.

ISIS warned us three years ago, “[we will] break your crosses, and enslave your women . . . If we…

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