Lieberman: I hope Iran’s FM will stay in the hall when I denounce Tehran’s efforts to ‘blow up every state’ in the region

The Ugly Truth



Israel’s defense minister, relishing a scheduled shared session with Zarif at Munich conference, says he’ll slam Tehran for ‘its nuclear plans,’ and for trying ‘to harm the stability of every country’

ed note–once again, the mental illness known as Jtosis–caused by the prolonged and extensive exposure to Judaism–on full display before the world. Israel has butchered, blown up, incinerated, meatgrindered, etc, thousands of people in the region either directly (in places such as Lebanon and Gaza) or indirectly (in places such as Iraq, Libya, Yemen and Syria) and yet they are going to make the accusation that Iran is trying to ‘blow up’ every country in the region?

Besides the obvious, which is how comfortable those afflicted with this mental condition known as Jtosis are with lying, it also underscores one of the ‘philosophies’ undergirding the whole Judaic mindset–Israel butchering innocent men, women, and children in the aforementioned countries…

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