Adam Rickwood’s Story by Carolyne Willow

cathy fox blog on child abuse

Recently I blogged the court appeals about the death of Adam Rickwood,  [3][4][5] who killed himself in 2004, aged 14 not long after the use of unlawful restraints by SERCO.

Adams death was shocking, even through the cold, unfeeling technical prose of a court hearing and transcript.

The courage and persistence of his mother, Carol Pounder,  in trying to find out what happened and ensure the establishment and corporations was held to account was massive but the effort must have drained her to the core.

The establishment still managed to wriggle away from justice, but were seen to have to accept the responsibility for Adams death.

Carolyne Willow is several years ahead of me. Adam Rickwood’s treatment and death was not an isolated case. Here I have taken part of her moving article Mothers and Sons, which is about Adam Rickwood.

Mothers and sons. On children who…

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