Congresswoman Maxine Waters Goes Bonkers (Again)…

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Angela Nicholson

Maxine Waters is an embarrassment to her race and to government.
john waters
The anti American MSNBC CNN fake news needs to be taken down taken apart and charged with treason against America, And replaced with honest real news, What’s the option no news or fake propaganda CNN MSNBC ABC CBS The View NBC news I will take no news over anti American fake news any day.  You news media anti American parasites have no respect for the American or the American people the people have spoken get on board or you will get what your asking for. We do not forget we do not forgive any one that ties to destroy our country we will never forgive those parasites. NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS. I will personally hunt down every one of you pigs in my next life
Michael Bartholomew
Bottom line allowing Obama to break law after law…

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