‘We mustn’t get into confrontation with Trump,’ Netanyahu said to warn ministers

The Ugly Truth


During four-hour meeting with colleagues ahead of trip to US, PM reportedly says Israel must take president’s ‘personality into account’, adding that ‘Trump won’t tolerate unlimited settlements’.

ed note–now WAAAAAIT a minute here. If Trump were ‘bought and owned’ by Judea, Inc, as we have all been told by some really smart people in this ‘movement’, there would be no reason whatso-freaking-ever for Netanyahu to make such a statement. Furthermore, all can rest assured that LONG BEFORE Netanyahu made the ‘we must take his personality into account’ statement that Judea, Inc had already done this, which was why the various tentacles of this international corporation tried from the beginning to scuttle Trump’s chances of attaining the nomination and then the presidency and why now they are in 24/7 screech mode in trying to wear him down and to get him to act rashly so that either the provisions of the 25th…

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