NETHERLANDS – Geert Wilders Wants Quran Banned Because Of Its “Anti-semitism”

The Ugly Truth

Sabba – He’s right. The Quran denounces and exposes the jews and Judaism, as it was already being practiced in the VIIth century, in no uncertain terms. There are countless verses where they are referred to as Prophets killers, money lenders, back stabbers, liars, cowards, deceitful and dishonest thieves, evil doers, Satan followers, always looking at making money out of anything, even out of their own religion.

We need to be grateful to Wilders as he is revealing to us, at last, the real and only reason for the current hysterical worldwide attack on Islam. It is not because it clashes with Christian values (because it does not), it is only because it is profoundly, strongly and vehemently anti Jew World Order.  

And, to make sure that there is no confusion whatsoever, to ensure we understand him correctly, Geert Wilders goes the extra mile by comparing the Quran to…

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