Jewish lives matter!

The Ugly Truth


The future of the world depends upon the Jewish people

ed note–an extremely important article to consider for its past, present, and future implications.

First thing to note–The Jews are a people locked in the past. The present and future only matter to them relative to the past, something which has no basis in reality and is something they have constructed for themselves. The energizing concept that breathed life into this fictional past can basically summed up in one verse from one chapter of their Torah, specifically Genesis 12:3 that reads ‘I will bless those who bless you, and curse those who curse you, and because of you all peoples on the earth (who bless you) will be blessed…’

Herein one can plainly see the root of historical Judaic self-worship and self-deification, a ‘chosen people’ favored by their creator and without whom the rest of the world would remain cursed, backwards…

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