Examining President Trump’s Use Of Executive Orders Compared To Previous Presidents

News For The Blind

President Donald Trump has issued 12 executive orders in his first three weeks as president, immediately fulfilling a series of campaign promises made throughout the year and a half presidential campaign.

Former President Barack Obama had issued 14 executive orders by the end of his third week, two more than Trump. President George W. Bush only signed two executive orders in his first three weeks, according to the National Archives.

Incoming presidents will use executive actions to meet campaign promises early on in their term, or to eliminate policies of the previous administration.

Immediately after his inauguration, the president signed an executive order to ease the “regulatory burdens” of Obamacare. Since then, the president has issued executive actions that put in place a federal government hiring-freeze, officially withdrew the United States from the Trans-Pacific partnership and two orders reviving the Keystone XL pipeline.

The president also signed a controversial order imposing a 120-day suspension…

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