Democrats “Desperate” For Bernie Sanders’ Email List

tomfernandez28's Blog

Published on Feb 13, 2017

The Democratic Party establishment is reportedly “desperate” for Bernie Sanders’ email list, and they’re growing frustrated with his unwillingness to hand it over. They want Bernie Sanders’ email list so they can exploit Bernie’s progressive supporters for money. Just to reiterate how absurd this is; again, they want to exclude progressives from the party, but desperately want our money.

John O'Malley

Fuck em. Fuck em right in their corporate owned assholes.
Amy K
No!!! Don’t give my email to those snakes.
“They don’t like Bernie sanders but they want to exploit Bernie sanders” – insert workers instead of Bernie sanders and you get exactly why they lost blue states too
My name’s on Bernie’s list. If I wanted to give my money I’d be on the Democrats’ list. But since I’m…

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