Why Did Glenn Beck Tweet About a Child Smuggling Bust Before It Happened? Was He Warning The Traffickers?

50 Shades of Pissed Off

​From Jim Stoneswebsite:

Child smuggling: This is a true statement

I saw this happen myself, this reader could be on to something

Glenn Beck is no angel. Anonymous sent:

Glenn Beck tweeted his tweet about 2 hoursBEFOREthe police action in Haiti. Jumping the gun like that could have ruined the police action, and I wonder if he was warning people. I don’t trust Glenn Beck. Why would Glenn Beck go to Haiti of all places to hand out Christmas gifts to children? Why not give to kids in USA or East BFE? I suspect that Beck is tied in somehow to the crooks who have been working Haiti over.

My response: I would not be one bit surprised. However, the bust happened. Glenn Beck attacked this web site directly two years ago. Either that was brilliant help or he is evil. Considering what he did during…

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