Jesus ‘Loaves’ church reopens 20 months after arson attack by Judaic Terrorists

The Ugly Truth


President Reuven Rivlin attends interfaith meeting at holy site; Israel contributed $400,000 toward repairs

ed note–but, but, but…I thought Christians and Jews were BFFs…I thought there was this thing known as ‘Judeo-Christianity’, that fraternal bond between Jesus Christ and those He referred to as ‘Children of their father, the Devil…’ and–as the entire world was just recently reminded by no less an authoritative religious figure than the Pontifex Maximus, Pope Francis himself–Jews are the ‘elder brethren’ of Christians and it is a ‘sin’ for the followers of Jesus to entertain any negative feelings towards those whom Jesus described VERY PUBLICLY and VERY LOUDLY as ‘Children of their father, the Devil…’

You mean, it wasn’t one of DEM MOOZLUMS who set fire to this ancient, sacred church that was dedicated to the man loved and revered by just as any Muslims as Christians?


All sarcasm aside folks, just another example as to…

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