A challenge to readers who vote my posts as ‘Poor’


For your vote to have any meaning at all, it would be useful if accompanied by a comment explaining your reason(s).

Do you not have the courage of your convictions?

Are you a troll paid to disparage my opinions.

Without a reason, your vote has no influence on me, nor, I expect, on other readers who hopefully have the intelligence to form their own opinions.

So it is up to you – please stop wasting my time and abusing my blog, and wasting your own time, or contribute some constructive criticism and play a useful part in the blogging world.

It may be of interest to you that there are well over 700 followers of my blog, regularly increasing in number, but occasionally one drops off the list. That’s another way of expressing dissatisfaction with a published issue. Again, it would be constructive to offer a comment.  Disappointing!

Thank You!

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