Communism a Facade for Plundering the Goyim


by Simon Sebag Montefiore:  9 Feb 2017

(Lenin riding in Rolls Royce stolen from Tsar) 
Yesterday’s article, NWO, Communism & the Kahal  argues that 
embezzling the goyim was institutionalized in the secret Jewish governing
body, the Kahal, and the Bolshevik Revolution simply extended this policy.
Below find three excerpts. The first confirms Germany 
(i.e. German Jewish bankers) financed the “Russian Revolution” 
and turned Lenin and Trotsky into millionaires
This is followed by reviews of the book “History’s Greatest Heist:
The Looting of Russia by the Bolsheviks” (2008)  by Sean McMeekin.
“After Lenin claimed three luxury cars from the imperial garage for his own use, he lost one of them–a Delaunay-Belleville limousine–to gunmen in March 1918. After that, he had to console himself with two Rolls-Royces.”
Serhii HRABOVSKY   German Jewish bankers funded the Revolution. Documents personal wealth of people’s champions. 
We might as well round…

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