LSD – Made in Israel?

News For The Blind

Owing to the work of independent investigators like Jan Irvin and Joe Atwill, many have a growing understanding of the role played by the CIA in popularizing LSD and the psychedelic counterculture. Bravely, they have acknowledged the largely Jewish origin of the MKULTRA experiments and projects of cultural distortion; but was there ever an actual Israeli component to the promotion of LSD?

The answer to this question, if one is to be had, requires that the case of pioneering acid pushers Bernard Roseman and Bernard Copley be scrutinized. One of these two mysterious figures, “LSD Before Leary” author Steven J. Novak speculates, may have been the stranger, encountered by guests at a 1962 Hollywood party, who claimed to manufacture his own brand of bootleg LSD. “His sugar cubes contained 1,000 micrograms of LSD, ten times the normal dosage,” Novak writes.1

Roseman and Copley, proprietors of the "Hypnosophic Institute", were busted for acid smuggling in 1963.
Roseman and Copley, proprietors of the “Hypnosophic Institute”, were…

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