Israelis couples not allowed to live together if marriage contract burnt in fire

The Ugly Truth

rabbis jews judaism

Sabba – Minister Farrakhan was right when he defined judaism as a ‘gutter religion’. More than a religion it is a satanic cult where the leaders – the rabbis – have managed to keep their flock subjugated only thru fear.

For those who have not read it yet, I can not recommend enough Douglas Reed’s “Controversy of Zion”. It is a big book, beautifully written and jam packed with documented historical references, biblical references that connect thousands of dots together. He provides us with countless elements to reconstruct the puzzle, some of which we are not even aware of until we read about them. And he explains how the rabbis have perfected their “uncanny genius for instilling fear by terror” and how “literal Judaism is ultimately based on terror and fear”.

There are many things I disagree with him on (for example the birth of zionist movement) but overall…

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