Ya’alon–US influence in the Middle East has ‘eroded significantly’

The Ugly Truth


ed note–doubtless that indeed–as this article indicates–Iran’s influence is making Israel nervous, and it should for several reasons.

1. Iran is not this disjointed, dysfunctional political entity as so many of the other Islamic nations in the region are. For close to 4 decades now, it has resisted every threat, entreaty, and planned subterfuge by the West and remains as dedicated to its revolutionary principles as it was in 1979. Furthermore, the IRI is not content to just sit back on her laurels and enjoy the fruits of her revolution, but indeed are intent upon sharing with with the rest of the region that deserves to be free of Western/Zionist contagion in the same way that a fish deserves to be in water.

2. The one player not mentioned however, and the one who is really making Israel nervous in terms of upstaging the US in terms of influence in the ME…

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