WTC7evaluation project found that WTC7 couldn’t have fallen due to fire, and that NIST’s models were grossly incorrect [VIDEO]


More to the point, if it turns out we have to take this all the way to the world court and hold the US government accountable for the cover up, it will look bad for Trump. He has a real opportunity to open a dialogue with the public and tell us the truth. He doesn’t want to do the other thing. Because too many people know now about the continuity of government, about wtc7 being demolished, about Giuliani taking away the steel and being part of the cover up; etc.

They can’t hide. We may take much longer but we’ll get the truth and make damn sure the public knows who helped us and who didn’t.

Published on Nov 19, 2016

“This is [NIST’s] simulation. Do you notice something kind of strange? Does it look the same? (Audience: “No.”) So that should have immediately gotten someone’s attention.”
– Dr…

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