Israeli ‘Justice’ Minister Shaked–Supreme Court should have ‘summarily rejected’ petition to postpone appointment of ‘rape Rabbi’ to IDF

The Ugly Truth


ed note–a little review of the facts of the case for those coming late to the discussion–

Rabbi Eyal Karim is up for appointment as Chief Rabbi for the IDF, meaning that in ‘spiritual’ matters where the IDF seeks guidance in terms of wartime ‘ethics’, it is his job to make sure that everything is ‘kosher’ and that God’s chosen killers operate in conformity with the teachings of Judaism.

A few years back, when Karim was asked about the biblical proscription concerning the rape of Gentile women by Jewish soldiers during a time of war, his response–based upon the teachings of Judaism as found in the Old Testament, went thus–

‘Although intercourse with a female gentile is a very grave matter, it is permitted during wartime out of consideration for Jewish soldiers’ difficulties, and since our concern is the success of the collective in the war, the Torah permits soldiers…

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