Demonic Possession Today (Part 1)

Stop White Genocide.

by Lobro Van Helsing — November 19, 2016

 Part 1 : The Six Stages of the Exorcism Process


PART 1 of this article is authored entirely  by Lobro van Helsing and consists largely of graphic details about the exorcism process as described by Malachi Martin in his controversial book, Hostage to the Devil
PART 2 of the article, entitled ‘The Deceiver of the World’, is by Lasha Darkmoon and continues where Part 1 leaves off. This reflects on various apocalyptic issues, such as Armageddon and the Last Days, the problem of good and evil, and the role of the Jews in human history.


hostage-of-the-devil“The Devil’s finest trick is to persuade you that he does not exist.”
— Charles Baudelaire
Why is it so hard to accept, at least hypothetically, that in the words of observant thinkers like Baudelaire, the Devil’s finest trick is to convince us that he does not…

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