Hundreds of US economists warn against voting for Trump

The Ugly Truth


In letter, 370 economists say GOP nominee misleads public about jobs and growth, promotes ‘magical thinking and conspiracy theories’

ed note–this ‘warning’ on the part of these economists needs to be viewed for exactly what it is–a threat, albeit conveyed in the language of gangsterese so as to hide its criminal intent.

And this is the ugly truth that all people occupying this late, great planet earth–and of those, Trump’s supporters–need to keep in mind. He’s not going to ‘fix’ anything, as it is way past that. As a political  doctor, his job is to take a hatchet to the gangrened limbs of the west and start hacking away in the interest of eeking out a few more weeks of life, nothing more. His entire ‘Make America Great’ again is a sales pitch aimed at those who do not yet realize just how bad the prognosis is, but who are…

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