Trevor LaBonte’s new post that got him blocked on FB



WW II is just a distraction from something far more interesting, which is the 6+ years when Hitler was chancellor BEFORE WW II started. That gets you into the question of WHY the jews had to have their 2nd WW. Hitler had created a new monetary system for the Germans, called the Labor Treasury Note. He had outlawed usury, by punishment of death, and created a new Deutschmark that was backed only by productive German physical and intellectual labor.

His method cut out the cancerous, jewish international banking cabal, and was also the blueprint for shattering the NWO. Unemployment went from 50% down to less than 2% in a few short years. Germany was rebuilt, better than ever, and this was no small task, after Germany had been destroyed completely during WW I, then further antagonized by the jewish banksters with their punitive, unfair “Treaty of Versailles,” and their other…

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