The Fall of Scotland Yard

cathy fox blog on child abuse

The Fall of Scotland Yard by Barry Cox, John Shirley and Martin Short [1] details the corruption in the Metropolitan Police which led to 3 Inquiries.

It is necessary to look at police corruption to find out the relationship between the Customs and the Police at the time [2], as well as whether the police corruption affected the child abuse, detection and conviction of criminals at Playland and Piccadilly [3]. This will be discussed in future post, but here are included some extracts from the book relevant to the corruption, child abuse or the geographical area.

1. “Times Inquiry” led to 2 detectives imprisoned in 1972. DCS Bill Moody (later jailed himself for corruption) led this inquiry after Lambert was taken off. Det Inspector Bernard Robson  jailed for 7 years and Det Sergeant Gordon Harris for 6 years.

2. “Lancashire Police Inquiry” led by ACC Harold Prescott into…

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