Paedophilia around Piccadilly Part 5 1980s and Operation Circus

cathy fox blog on child abuse

The Daily Mail have 3 hours ago published an article  2016 Jan 23 Daily Mail Scotland Yard detective: I was told to ignore ‘meat rack’ VIPs during paedophile probe [115]

It is a decent and simple article. The quality of Martin Beckfords journalism far exceeds his colleague Stephen Wright who appears to write to an agenda.

The article states that former Chief Inspector Howard Groves, who served in the murder squad during a distinguished 34-year career, was investigating a West End paedophile ring with alleged links to MPs and TV stars in the 1980s. Mr Groves, now 58, told The Mail on Sunday: ‘I remember we were called to a meeting [and] told by a senior officer that if we found any establishment figures involved, the investigation would be stopped.’ Names of MPs, celebrities and businessmen did surface during the inquiry – though Mr Groves, who retired in 2014…

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