“The Truth About The Pharmaceutical Industry”


The whole title –

Pfizer Vice President Blows The Whistle & Tells The Truth About The Pharmaceutical Industry

An article that tells of the enormous power (and corruption) that belies the image and beliefs we public have regarding the medical industry as being our saviours, protectors, guardians of our health and well-being.

Not that there aren’t many honest, capable and effective practitioners doing great jobs at achieving worthwhile outcomes, who are rightly esteemed and appreciated.

Where the problems lie are higher up, problems and agendas of which we need to be aware.

A portion of the source article, published by , on ‘Collective Evolution‘, linked here.

Below is a clip taken from the “One More Girl” documentary, a film regarding the Gardasil vaccine, which was designed to prevent Human Papillomavirus. In it, Dr. Peter Rost, MD, a former vice president of one of the largest…

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