From Fiona Barnett to Miley Cyrus

cathy fox blog on child abuse

Fiona Barnett and others  have recently blown wide open Australia’s dirty secret of a VIP child sexual abuse network, which involved 4 Prime Ministers. Fiona also says that she was drugged and abused at Disneyland. See her story “Hang on for the Ride” [1] from which these drawings are taken, and her website “Pedophiles down under” [32]

6g6fAt first it might seem at first like a big jump from Fiona Barnett to Miley Cyrus but it is not. Miley Cyrus was a victim of Disney recruitment at an early age, becoming Hannah Montana, Disney Princess. Many whistleblowers have revealed Disneyland as a centre of mind control and Disney films as triggers for various “alters” or dissociated identities of the many mind controlled “stars” of Hollywood [10][18]

Miley Cyrus’s current song and video is BB talk [13]. It really has to watched for the extent of sexualised baby imagery…

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