Australia’s asylum-seekers beg to be killed | Pushed-back boat barely made it to land



The above letter was written by detainees at the notorious Manus Island asylum-seekers detention centre, run by the Australian Government. It sums up the desperation of those there, that they prefer to die rather than live indefinitely in the centre. Their suffering is only matched by the detainees in a similar Australian gulag on Nauru. Clearly the detention cannot go on forever. Privately the Australian Government knows this and no doubt would love to find a way out without losing face and losing the votes of the conservatives in the electorate. Both the Liberal (conservatives) and Labor (conservatives) parties are trapped by their own rhetoric. The courageous thing to do would be to seek a bipartisan solution that would end offshore processing of asylum-seekers once and for all. But neither party would appear to have that courage.

(Note: the many, many signatures to the letter are given in the images…

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