A Word of Truth and Caution: Moses Did Not Fight Pharaoh by Dr. Omar


Boy ScoutKing Faruq I
Egypt’s First Chief Boy Scout

There are many calls for ‘dialogue’ that attempt to avoid the inevitable conflict of cultural differences that are predominantly religious in nature. The truth is, however, that since there are only two religions in essence and since truth cannot be reconciled with the lies of Cain’s metaphysical posterity who adhere to idolatry, there is little point of dialogue with the Kingdom of the latter’s ‘Insignificant Light’ because they can never acknowledge the ‘Significant Light’—both mentioned in Genesis*—nor can they leave those who do unmolested.

*See: http://zaidpub.com/2014/04/04/the-malady-of-sectarianism-reform-continued-exegesis-on-the-book-of-genesis-by-dr-omar/

Indeed, how do righteous men placate sub-humans who dance with jinn for the purpose of shedding blood, destroying substance, and pressing men into abject slavery and dearth? How can children of the righteous not be led astray in the midst of plural communities who tolerate immoral/amoral media controlled by moguls of malfeasance? How does one bargain…

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