In instagram post promoting her new album, Madonna sparks controversy with image of Jewish, Arab men nearly kissing.

The photo of a Jewish and Arab man nearly kissing.The photo of a Jewish and Arab man nearly kissing.

The above is much nicer than this one …


Madonna draws controversy on Instagram

Madonna has stirred up controversy after posting a photo of a Palestinian man and a Hasidic Jewish man apparently mid-kiss on Instagram.

The photo, which was posted on Sunday, has already garnered upwards of 70,000 likes in just over 24 hours. It features a Jewish man with side curls wearing a large white knitted skullcap typical of the Breslover Hasidic movement, in addition to an Arab man wearing a keffiyeh. The two appear to be leaning in for a kiss.

“This image is . ❤#rebelhearts,” the caption of the photo reads, referring to Madonna’s latest pop album.

“I see two men one Muslim perhaps and one Jewish together…

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