The Secret Gnostic Key to Aronofsky’s “Noah” that Everyone Missed

The Ugly Truth

Ed note—a semi-long read, but very much worth it. The author here is not political but definitely knows his material when it comes to Jewish Kabbalah.

The reason for posting this very eye-opening piece is to point out something frighteningly apparent—if Jewish Hollywood can use Kabbalah in making a blockbuster movie such as this and with virtually no one—save the author of this article—recognizing the blatently Kabbalistic influence in it…with no Christian pastors of any stripe—priest, Pope, preacher, etc, able to see the Jewish black magic contained in it—then HOW MANY MORE productions coming out of Hollywood with powerful political/cultural themes are made, using the same black magic, which enter our intellectual bloodstream like a narcotic, and no one recognizes it as such?

And people wonder why America is so friendly to Jews and Judaism?

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