Israel said to seek additional $300 million from US for missile defense

The Ugly Truth


Officials reportedly turn to Congress to make request, bypassing White House amid spat over PM’s upcoming speech

ed note–now WAAAAIT a minute here…As we are told on a regular basis now, GAAAAAWD gave  the Jews this land and anyone saying different is a ‘hair-tick’. Furthermore,  as we are told on a regular basis by Christian loudmouths such as John Hagee, IZ-Ruul is the ‘apple’ of GAAAAWD’s eye,  and that no other place or group of people merit the kind of affection and protection as the Jews.

WHY THEN,  do these people need American money and American military technology? Isn’t this the same GAAAAWD who sent the plagues,  parted the Red Sea, etc, in order to being these wretched people into this land in the first place?

I say, leave it in GAAAAWD’S hands, if indeed he is so keen on this project,  and leave your hands off of our money…

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