A message to the residents of The Apartheid State

Letters To The Beast

A tragic event occurred recently. Tragic, at least, from a Zionist public relations perspective. Eighty-nine year old Johann Breyer died before he could be committed to trial for being a participant in World War II-era Germany’s slave camps. That means they’ve run out of Nazis.

What are the Nazi Hunters going to do now? Start arresting the grandchildren of the purported Nazis? For generations, the P.R. machine has run at full steam. We were made to feel guilty by the survivors of the slave labour camps. Then it was “I’m a child of a survivor.” Now it’s, “My grandparents survived…”

The only thing that has allowed The Apartheid State to advance it’s P.R. machine and commit atrocities worse than anything the popular narratives tell us Nazi Germany committed has been control over North American and European institutions by nationals of The Apartheid State. And Germans were only able to behave…

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