Universities’ Totalitarian Agenda

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by Reality – Real Women of Canada
 (Abridged by henrymakow.com)

A university that does not protect free speech and opposing views
is not a university but a totalitarian instrument.

“Universities have been taken hostage by activists with totalitarian strategies… Talk about safe spaces almost always becomes a tool to enforce compliance, and silence those who disagree.”

Universities today are very strange places. They were originally founded as centres for ideas and knowledge obtained from all sources. Not anymore.The windows and doors of universities have now been hermetically sealed against any idea or speech that is not politically correct. Any attempt to break through this barrier of political correctness is immediately treated with disapproval and is regarded as intolerance that requires vigorous silencing.

Universities are frightened by protests caused by the presence of politically incorrect speakers because that could lead to a loss of funding and bad publicity. As…

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Kyle, Cartman and the Ginger Cow. (photo credit: Courtesy of South Park Studios)


For a bit of background on the Red Heifer, read THIS … Then watch the South Park episode mentioned …. followed by a ‘real life’ video …. If nothing else, you will get a much needed chuckle in these days of stress and sorrow.

Although this is classified under HUMOUR, let us hope we will see Peace in the Middle East SOON ….. with or without the Red Heifer.



Now for the ‘Real Thing’ …

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