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Poetry for Palestine



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Maybe some of the alleged “supporters” of Palestine  would find this interesting, and maybe they would like to join Abe Foxman in his struggle of “fighting antisemitism… He does it with the same logic and passion as they do:–the-israeli-lobby-and-the-myth-of-jewish-control

“The Deadliest Lies: The Israeli Lobby and the Myth of Jewish Control”

Recorded on October 29, 2007

Location: The Heritage Foundation’s Lehrman Auditorium

Abraham Foxman – noted representative of the Jewish community and staunch defender of human rights – delivers a powerful rebuttal to the idea of “The Israel Lobby” and the myth of a global Jewish conspiracy. He shows how old stereotypes associated with the most virulent forms of bigotry have been resurfacing and taking subtle new forms and addresses the public figures who make these beliefs appear credible. He also reveals a disturbing parallel trend: the decline of global…

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